First prize at the International Biennale of Contemporary Art of Anzio and Nettuno Shingle22j 2017 with the opera “The End” which will be on display at Forte Sangallo in Nettuno from 9 to 24 September.

Inauguration: The Forte Sangallo crowded with visitors from all over Italy and abroad and high-level works framed the inauguration of the VI International Contemporary Art Biennale of Anzio and Nettuno Shingle, the participation addressed to art, to the culture, to free expression.

First prize awarded by Andrea Mingiacchi with the councilor for culture and mayors of Anzio and Nettuno

“I am very happy and satisfied – says artistic director Andrea Mingiacchi – of this sixth edition of Shingle22j and for the prizes that have been awarded. In particular, I am very satisfied to have awarded a young man of 27, Giorgio Musinu, author of a work of great depth and strong content.

The award ceremony was attended, among others, by the mayor of Anzio Luciano Bruschini – the Mayor of Nettuno Angelo Casto, the Assessor of Culture of Anzio Laura Nolfi and the chief executive of the Chief of Anzio Antonio Bufalari.